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The Reluctant Sharer

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As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I’ve skillfully avoided social media over the years. Facebook? Not a chance. LinkedIn? Yawn. Twitter? I never could be witty or interesting enough. Well, I finally conceded to all of the above within the last month. I wish Facebook had a sound feature, because I seem to have generated audible shock from my friends. What fun it would have been to hear their yelps, dropped items and missed chairs!

I blame my aversion to sharing on my dad, who was so paranoid about protecting his privacy that he’d stand every night over the garbage can in the kitchen shredding by hand every last piece of mail. He ripped straight through his name on the address labels, then proceeded to tear and tear and tear until the bits were nearly as small as rice grains. (This was way before cross-cut shredders. He also used to get off the couch to change channels on the television for years after remote controls were invented, but that’s another story.)

In a perfect world, I could carry on his paranoia legacy. But unfortunately I’m living in 2013. Also, there’s this book I’m writing that I’d really like for people to hear about above all the chatter that fills our lives. So I made my concession to social media, and now to this blog.

I hope you don’t mind my sharing this journey with you. I’m glad to have you along for the ride.

Sorry, Dad.

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  1. Laura Sassi says:

    We’re cut from the same cloth, Denise. Glad to be on the writing journey with you. I love your blog already.

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